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Solo Waverunner Adventure from Florida through the Bahamas and back


It took me 8 days to complete the solo wave runner ride of over 500 miles from Palm Beach, to the Bahamas, down the chain of the Abaco islands, and back. I knew it would be hard but it was harder than I imagined. Hard as it was, I have raised just over $43,000 for three charities, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America’s Camp Oasis, the Pediatric IBD program at Cedars Sinai Hospital, and the IBD Support Foundation. Many thanks to everyone who donated and/or told others to support these worthy causes.

Here is a map showing the path of my trip, and the following are some highlights from the trip:

Number of days on the water: 8

Number of miles covered: More than 500

Most miles covered in a day: Day 7. 120 Miles. Spanish Cay to Freeport, via Lucayan waterway, to West End Grand Bahama

Best day: Day 7

Hardest Day: Day 2. Went through two storms. 100 miles from West End to Spanish Cay. 15-20kt headwinds, swells 4-5 feet. Took 7 hours.

Number of times I had to tell the guy at Customs at West End Grand Bahama that there was no boat, it was just me on a Waverunner: 3

Equipment Included: 3 GPS systems, 2 Epirbs, 3 cameras, 2 cell phones (neither ever received a signal), 1 satellite phone, 1 marine radio, 1 Sansa Rhapsody Players. 1 Asus EeePC Netbook

Device that caused me the most trouble: Garmin 400c GPS. I had to upgrade the firmware halfway through the trip because the software on the device kept freezing on me

Most surprising device I had that I used every day and held up amazingly well: Asus EeePC Netbook

Device I almost didn’t bring that I am really glad I did as I used it a lot: Satellite Phone

Number of days I felt like an idiot for attempting this trip: 1, Day 2

Number of hours spent on Day 5 trying to figure out a shorter path for the return: Most of the day

Number of miles I was able to shave off the return trip: Zero

Number of times I had any trouble with my Wave runner: Zero

Number of time Wave runner got stuck: Once on sand bar, human error

Number of times I was nervous: Too many to count

Number of times I panicked: Zero

Number of times I may try something like this again: ???

Bahama Star of the month! My wife Jenny for putting up with me and letting me do this.